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Thursday, June 26, 2008

We are off to Colorado!

As my daddy would say, "We are off and running like a roaring herd of turtles!" My parents will get to Bristol Head today. We are heading out early in the morning to make the 12 hour trip in 1 day. I have our lunch and snacks made for tomorrow. Baylee and I have new magazines and books to read. Baylee has her I-Pod and DVD player with movies ready too! Kids these days have it sooooo much easier traveling than we did in our day! Of course, I am sure my parents said the same thing when I was a kid! All 3 of us have been crazy busy today. I like the house to be clean, the bedding to be washed, and everything else to be in order, so that when we come back, it's all nice! Poor Gracie knows something is up. I so wish Brian would let her come camping! I try every year to talk him into it, but to no avail!

Our paperwork did not come in the mail today.......pooh!!! It will all work out though. We did get a letter from Kim at our China agency, basically stating that they will make sure we meet the 12 month between adoptions requirement. She stated in the letter that due to China's continuing lengthening referral timeframe, we would probably feel little or no impact from the 12 months between adoptions, but if we did, that we could put our China dossier on hold for 6 months and then if we needed still more time, we could put our travel on hold for another 6 months. So there is our 12 months! This was very good news! The part that would be extremely hard though and I pray we don't have to do, is put our travel on hold. This is because we would have our referral at that point. We would have our picture of our baby and know who she is, so to have to wait to go get her would be very hard to say the least. I highly doubt with the backlog and wait times, that we will have to do that. We will choose to think optimistically, and know God will take care of it all.

I wanted to thank everyone for the nice emails, post, and calls. I love the friends I have made through this adoption journey! You are all very special and true blessings to our family.

Well, I better get busy again, still a lot to do! I will post Colorado pictures when we get back!

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