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Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Sunset view from our campsite.
Baylee and I doing our traditional Colorado rock painting.

Tame chimpmunk in Creede.

Brian and Baylee in the Creede firehouse.

This is the coolest firehouse ever! It is inside a cave! Brian was in heaven!

Mining competition in Creede on the 4th of July
At the Creede 4th of July parade

Smokey the Bear during the parade

Creede is a neat little town nestled in the middle of lots of mountains. This was the start of the parade.

Our almost nightly ritual. We sit around the campfire and be goofy usually! We laugh a lot!

If you click on this picture to make it bigger, you will better be able to see the herd of elk.

Close up shot of a deer on one of our evening drives.

Look at how tiny Brian looks! It makes you realize how small we really are in God's great big beautiful world!

Our almost 10 year old camping outfit. We have shared a lot of wonderful memories in this camper and truck. In the next couple of years, after we expand our family with 2 babies, we will hopefully be able to get a bigger camper and truck.

The fishing wasn't good this year, but the memories made trying are awesome!

Hummingbirds were as always thick! We enjoy watching the amazing and mean little creatures!

I love this happy picture of my silly daddy!

My little sister Lynn and Baylee. They had quite a time together!

Baylee and her grandpa share a lot of silliness and laughs!

Freeman's is a little general store a couple miles from our campground. We go there quite often for their delicious and large icecream cones! They make great burgers too!

OMG............Is that Baylee reading?

Despite overall bad fishing this year, daddy did manage to catch a 16 incher, or was it a 20 incher?

My beautiful and silly mom gathering fire kindling!

Yes, snow in July! Isn't it awesome!

Throwing snowballs........oh what fun!

This looks like snow, but it is actually cotton from the cottonwood trees in Lake City.

This is the waterfall Baylee and I sat by during our picnic. We went on about an hour hike.

Baylee during our hike!

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Kevin and Violet said...

Looks like you guys had a great time! My family and I have spent a lot of time in Colorado. We love it up there. Kevin and I have mainly passed through Colorado together on our way home from the Grand Canyon. But the country is so beautiful.