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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Colorado Trip 2009

This was a gorgeous double rainbow after a short shower one day. I took the picture from our campsite looking at mom and dad's campsite.
A dew dotted wildflower

This butterfly was in a mound with about 4 or 5 others like it. It was beautiful!

We had a super time in Colorado! It was so nice to get away from everything. We needed a break from the computer, TV, news, etc.

There were many of these little fellows around our campsite. We kept them fed with bread. We went on many 4 wheel drive excursions this year and was lucky enough to see a bear on one of them!

We stayed at this location (in our camper though) the night before we left for home. We always dry camp when we're in Colorado which means we don't have electricity, we have to haul water, and we have to dump our septic on the way home at an RV dump site. We decided this year, to stay at a place that had electricity, water and dump hookups on the night before we left. We thought since we were going to have a late night watching the fireworks in the mountains, that it would be easier on us. It was, and it saved us time on our way home the next morning because we didn't have to dump!

4th of July parade in Creede.........What a blast!

I took a lot of scenery and flower pictures this year. The wildflowers were extra beautiful and plentiful this year because of all the rain Colorado's gotten.

Baylee and I continued our tradition of rock painting this year!

We went on several hikes this year too! This was the hike that I fell on a rock on a mountain side! Wow! It bruised and knotted my leg nicely! Guess I need to quit being so cocky trying to run up the mountain!

Brian acted like he was going to dive right in!

This is Crystal Lake where we hiked to! It was beautiful!

This is North Clear Creek Falls near where we camp.

Baylee and I in the camper.

Engineers Pass..........very high..........Baylee was scared the whole drive up! She covered her head half the time!

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Melodie Monberg said...

I'm just a tad biased but your pictures really made my state look good! smile Glad you had fun. Praying for that court date!