While waiting for Maggie, we are picking up her brother in Africa!

Saturday, June 30, 2007

My Sister

I am Baylee, the big sister! I plan to take the more positive side of the issue! I plan on my baby sister to come home in 2008!! Join me in this positive thinking and prayer and I know that all of the family and friends want my sister to come in 2008 as we do!

I am 10 years old. My passions are volleyball and golf! Camping in Colorado is the best. We just got home from being there 2 weeks. That was the bomb!! If my mom can figure out how to post pictures, we will show you all the things we did in Colorado. I also like having dogs. I think you can never have too many of them. We have 3, but if it were up to me, I would want to have 10. Mom and Daddy say they can't afford it! I also like Webkinz. That is a virtual website. After you buy a stuffed animal, you enter your code and create your own rooms (all the rooms you can think of) for your virtual pet! It's very fun! I am in to friends that I didn't want to leave school which is practically amazing! I hope you enjoyed my post. Check it often for updates on my family and Maggie!

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Jamie Lynn said...

Hi Baylee!! You just keep the faith and your new baby sister will be here before you know it. I hope you are having a good summer. I hope we can see you one of these days, the girls would love to be able to get together and play.