While waiting for Maggie, we are picking up her brother in Africa!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

9 months

Well, no referral news yet! The investigation in Ethiopia is still ongoing which is probably playing a role in the slowdown. April was such a big month of referrals and successful court dates, but May has been just the opposite. There was a referral yesterday........the day that marked exactly 9 months since we officially began the WAIT. It went to another couple with our same DTE date: 8/29/08. This is pretty exciting! It means that we and another couple are tied for number 1 in line for a little boy! Our agency numbers the dossiers as they come into their office, though we have no idea who exactly is next between us, but I hope we get our referral the same day along with many others! We so want to beat the court closures, but each day that goes on without our referral slims our chances even more. We pray for our referral soon along with successful court dates for all those with court dates scheduled and those of us yet to be! It is all in God's timing.............haven't I said that many times before?? I know it to be true, as hard as it is to accept sometimes and understand. One day we will hold that baby in our arms and oh what a glorious day it will be!


Amber said...

Praying we both hear news THIS WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Erica said...

Praying that all of our "reigns" as Queen Bees of WFR will be over TODAY!

Erica R.