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Sunday, March 29, 2009

7 months DTE!

Baylee ............all ready for the Spring Band Concert! She did so well! Some days I feel like this monkey while we are waiting for our referral! Ho hum! Is it ever going to happen! We are getting closer though!!!! AWAA (our adoption agency) has had an incredible month with over 20 referrals and lots of successful court days! Yeah! Keep it rolling! There is a big group of us praying a lot and we can definitely feel God's movement! There are currently 7 people ahead of our DTE group (place in line) that are waiting for boys or either. There might be mystery families that we don't know about, but that is sure getting close enough to get excited! We are currently #2 or 3 for a toddler boy though, so if any older babies come into the orphanage...........well wow!

Baylee and I, with some friends and our church group, went to the Wichita Zoo over Spring Break! It was cool and very windy, but we had a great time!

Baylee went to an opposites birthday party. The boys dressed like girls and the girls dressed like boys. It was quite hilarious! Baylee is the one in the blue jersey and OU hat.

We met my parents at a place on Route 66 called Pops. It was pretty cool! We had a great burger and of course a pop!

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